Data Ninja

Data Ninja: Drawing engineering process flow chart

Data Ninja Flow chart features.

  • Support multiple systems: Windows, Mac and Linux, and version synchronization updates.
  • Intelligent operation: automatic settings, color filling based on the theme, adding graphics and type setting, users only need to care about the relationship between shapes, and other production processes will automatically be done.
  • Vector graphics to help quickly make flow charts.
  • Has multiple themes: with multiple theme styles, only one key can be changed.
  • Many templates: a series of excellent flow chart templates, and free online templates, can help newcomers get faster and create beautiful professional flowcharts, so as to save time to create.
  • Support multiple documentation UI.
  • Support multiple icons selection, copy, delete and rearrangement.
  • The export format is many: not only can be exported to Word, pictures, Visio, PDF vector and other file formats, but also can be exported to HTML pages, SVG vector graph, etc., which helps to share.
  • Automatic update: you will receive notification when there is a new version or a new template. You can install it directly.

Application fields of flowchart software

  • Flow charts are generally used in enterprises, companies, medical, teaching, and production lines.
  • The flowchart can give us a clear presentation of some complex data that makes it clear to us to analyze or watch.
  • The operation mode of a company and the production process of a workshop can be simply summarized by a flow chart.
  • The software of flow chart making is one of the necessary weapons for these office workers. 
  • Process documents, Project management, to help solve the problem, provide the logic structure.  

What is flow chart

  • The flow chart is a schematic diagram showing a process step by step with a simple icon symbol, through arrows and lines, and presenting a process or work flow step by step.
  • The flow chart provides a simple and intuitive form of a structure, all kinds of data operation at a glance, so that people will not produce ambiguity.

was ist fc

medical flow
Medical flows
production lines
Production lines