Dual Lasers Infrared Thermometer


General Description

TN768 Series is the ultimate tool for temperature measurements.
It contains 2 most reliable temperature sensors:
1) Non-contact Micro Machining Thermopile
2) K-type thermocouple socket

Such an arrangement can fulfill most of temperature measurement requirements:
Use the Non-contact for instant; not-reachable situation.
Use the thermocouple for high precision; non-surface situation.

Templorer also come with an ultra long battery life (8days for Alkaline battery), no 9V battery, 
It use the most affordable and available AAA size battery.

Learn Emissivity with the Templorer: Emissivity is a difficult concept for general user to catch; For Templorer, it's easy to get. Use the contact thermometer to get the true temperature.
Then, use the Non-contact to get the surface temperature. Adjust the Emissivity until they are the same.
Next time, use the correct Emissivity for that object. No more guess work, no more looking up on Emissivity Table.


  • Wide Measurement Range: Infrared up to 1800°C (3272°F)
  • High DS (Distance to Spot) Ratio 75:1
  • Dual Laser Points for the Target Spot Size
  • Under Memory Mode, record and display the specific temperature with emissivity
  • USB Function (optional)
  • Mini Thermocouple Socket up to 1400°C
  • Large LCD display with Power Backlight
  • Min, Max, Dif, Ave, Lock Modes
  • Hi/Lo Temperature Audible Alarm
  • Laser and Backlight On/Off Control
  • Emissivity Adjustable from 0.1 to 1.00( Preset at 0.95)
  • °C/°F Switch Mode
  • Long Battery Life with two AAA Batteries